Worker’s Compensation

If you have been injured at work due to an accident, broken equipment, repetitive heavy lifting, or by a coworker’s negligence you may have a Workers Compensation claim.

In the State of New Jersey and Pennsylvania you typically cannot file a personal injury civil suit against your Employer or a Co-worker.  These particular types of injuries must be filed in our State Courts of Workers Compensation.  Even if the accident was a result of your own negligence, you still may recover lost wages, medical bills, medical expenses, and also a monetary award for any lasting disability due to the injury.

If your injury occurred while at work, but is the fault of another party who is not a coworker, we may also bring a “third Party” claim against that individual to further enhance your potential recovery.   The attorneys at the Starkman Law Firm are experienced in all aspects of Workers Compensation and Third Party claims from intake through trial.

Our staff is also highly experienced in dealing with the maze of medical treatment, medical adjusters, medical authorizations, and their difficult filing process.  We promise to make your claim as easy and stress free as possible so that you can focus on healing and getting back to work for yourself and those who depend on you.

What Should You Do when You are Hurt At Work?

  • You must immediately report the injury or accident to your employer or supervisor to protect your rights.
  • Seek medical attention in accordance with your Employer’s Policy or Emergency Medical Treatment if needed
  • Make a personal record of the accident.  Note who was involved, their names, and any Job Titles.
  • CALL THE STARKMAN LAW FIRM to properly guide you through the claim, and we will take it from there.



Our promise to clients

Every case is unique and needs to be treated as such. Speak to one of our attorneys before you discuss your claim or legal issue with anyone else.

Call us now to meet with one of our experienced attorneys to discuss the details of YOUR matter, in a free in-person consultation, so that we can begin to defend you before you waive any of your rights.

The results are what truly matters, and we get results!

Call us now to discuss your claim in person during a free consultation with our attorneys. 856-424-7277, (Camden, Burlington, Gloucester area) or at 732-324-2011 (Central and Northern New Jersey), or 856 692-5656 (serving Cumberland, Atlantic, Cape May County).

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